Good Friday, 2016

It is shaping up to be another fantastic weekend here at Casa Madera!   Easter guests began arriving yesterday and will continue to do so over the next couple of days.   Our rooms have been cleaned, dusted and freshened in anticipation of another full house.  Alexa is readying herself as the official greeter and the cats are peering in thru open doors as we do last minute prep to the rooms.    I tell myself they are taking an interest in our business, though, I suspect all they are really only looking for the next quiet place for an afternoon nap


Kevin is already enjoying a round of golf at Flamingos Golf Club,


and I intend to turn an afternoon of total freedom into one of frustration as I try to sew straight lines with my sewing machine.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of sewing.  Taking a piece of fabric, any fabric, and turning it into something useful is a very rewarding experience.  Turning that same fabric into something useful AND beautiful, with nice seams and straight lines, to me, is a form of art.  One that I aspire to.


I must say that I was very fortunate this year to have had several guests who are practiced seamstresses and who were kind enough to share their tips and ideas for making my sewing experience a much happier one!   Ladies, I will be thinking of you this afternoon as I attempt to put all of your advice into practice.  Perhaps this time, I will get the measurements for those curtains correct!


You may think me strange, but even an afternoon making poor decisions about where to make that cut, bad measuring and miscalculated seam allowances, can feel like time well spent.  I can also state that in spite of all my sighing, cursing, toe tapping, groaning and seam ripping, sewing is a relaxing experience for me.   I think that is because when I am sewing, I think of nothing else.  There are no random thoughts cluttering my head.   Seriously,  all I think about is how to turn this latest mistake into something useable!

These chair slings practically cut themselves!  Loved the straight lines!DSCN9415

On the upside, every mistake I make teaches me something.  Lately, I have been applying the  lessons I have learned at my sewing machine to the bigger picture of “real life”.   And, it works.  In sewing, as in life, if there is something worth doing, it is worth doing right so that it turns out well. So, Heather, stop with the shortcuts, dig in and learn to do it right the first time.

It totally goes against my nature as I am always looking for the most efficient, simplest and easiest way to perform a task.  Sewing is teaching me that sometimes the simplest, easiest and most efficient way of doing things is to slow it down.  Take your time.  Stop looking for shortcuts.   Do it right the first time.   Learn from that process.  And remember, if it is worth doing, it is worth doing well.  And to do it well, you have to do it right.

Happy Easter everyone, and whatever you choose to do this weekend, take time to slow it down and enjoy the process.  As they say, life is not about the destination, it is about enjoying the journey.   DSCN6193